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What are 35mm art slides?

Until the digital image took hold in classrooms in the early 2000s, when you took a university class in art or architecture, you would often do so in a darkened room, where you would hear the hum of a slide projector as the professor projected images to accompany their lecture. Universities accumulated thousands upon thousands of images of works of art, architecture, and images of cultural and academic significance as 35mm slides for teaching, research, and image preservation.

A 35mm slide is usually a 2 inch square. The slide is made up of the film, which is a “positive print,” meaning that unlike a negative film print (where colors and values are inverted), when you view a 35mm slide, you see the actual image just as it looks in real life. The film is mounted to a slide which can be made out of cardboard, metal, or plastic. Some slides. have glass covering the film, to protect it.

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