Ann Hamilton

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“Untitled” 1984 from Body/Object performance.

According to Ann Hamilton’s website, “The “body object series” began by wearing many of the objects assembled, but unused, in the early installation room in pursuit of a position, 1984. Working with photographer Bob McMurtry, this began the practice of taking inanimate objects from installations and, in joining them to the body, changing their function and psychological relation. This process was documented in an ongoing photographic series, including the toothpick suit (suitably positioned, 1984); the airborne white cloth and flashlight suit (reciprocal fascinations, 1985); the sagebrush (relating to the boxwood bush in a bird in the hand, 1984); the megaphone (the map is not the territory, 1987); the bathtub (dissections . . . they said it was an experiment, 1988); the honey and hat (privation and excesses, 1989); the flour (Ann Hamilton / David Ireland, 1992); and the fish-lure suit (the middle place, 1987).”

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