Jim Nutt

Images from this artist in our store. Nutt was a founding member of a group of artists who flourished in 1960s Chicago who became known as the Imagists or the Hairy Who.

Kim Jones

Link to item in Ebay store. From Artpace: “Kim Jones is best known for his visceral, at times disturbing, performances as Mudman. In this ongoing series begun in the 1970s, he covers his naked body with mud and sticks, transforming himself into a walking sculpture. With a nod to Joseph Beuys, Jones brings this cryptic…

Ann Hamilton

Link to items by this artist in our Ebay store. According to Ann Hamilton’s website, “The “body object series” began by wearing many of the objects assembled, but unused, in the early installation room in pursuit of a position, 1984. Working with photographer Bob McMurtry, this began the practice of taking inanimate objects from installations…

Tadashi Kawamata

(Japanese, born 1953) Link to Ebay store items. From Artnet: Tadashi Kawamata is a contemporary Japanese artist best known for sculptural installations. Mostly made from mass-produced materials like wooden pallets, balsa wood, corrugate tin, and cardboard, Tadashi’s work, playfully suggests the link between socio-economic status and architectural styles. In one of the artist’s hallmark works Project on…

Leon Golub

Link to items by this artist in Ebay store. Golub, who always painted in a figural style, drew upon diverse representations of the body from ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, to photographs of athletic competitions, to gay pornography; often pulled directly from a huge database he assembled of journalistic images from the mass media. He…

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