Artists and Architects Featured in Our Store

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Alvar Aalto: 1898-1976 Finnish Modern Architecture

Magdalena Abakanowicz: 1930-2017 Polish Modern Sculpture, Contemporary art, Postminimalism

Valerio Adami: 1935- Present. Italian Pop Art

Hilma af Klint: 1862-1944 Swedish Art, Abstract art, Modern art, Realism

Peter Agostini: 1913-1993 American Pop Art Sculpture

Gayleen Aiken: 1934-2005 American Naive Art, Folk Art, Outsider Art, Visionary Art

Vincente Alban: 1725- Unknown. Ecuadorian Art, Quito School,

Joseph Albers: 1888-1976 German Art, Hard-edge painting, Constructivism, Expressionism, Abstract art, Geometric abstraction, Modern art

James Alinder: 1941- Modern American Photography

Karl Andre 1935- Present. Modern American Art, Minimalism

Stephan Antonakos: 1926-2013. Greek American Art, Sculpture, Neon Art, Abstract Art

Dietler Appelt: 1935- present. German Art, Photography, Sculpture

Ida Applebroog: 1929- present. American Art, Contemporary Art, Multimedia Art

Diane Arbus: 1923-1971. American Photography

Alexander Archipenko: 1887-1964 Ukrainian- American Art, Avant-garde Art, Sculpture, Graphic Art

Arman: 1928-2005 American-French Art, Nouveau réalisme, Modern art

Jean Arp: 1886-1986 Surrealism, Abstract art, Dada, Modern art, Biomorphism

Richard Avedon: American fashion and portrait photographer

Milton Avery: American painter Expressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract art, Modernism, Modern art

Max Beckmann: 1884-1950 Expressionism, Cubism, New Objectivity, Modern art

George Bellows: American realist artist. Modern art, American Realism, Ashcan School, Realism, American Impressionism, Impressionism

Elmer Bischoff: 1916-1991 American artist. Neo-expressionism, Surrealism, Abstract expressionism, Bay Area Figurative Movement

Isabel Bishop: 1902-1988 American artist. Social realism

Alexander Calder: 1898-1976 Abstract art, Expressionism, Abstract expressionism, Modern art, Kinetic art, Surrealism, Section d’Or

Henri Cartier-Bresson: 1908-2004. French photography, humanist photographer, candid photography, 35 mm film, street photography

Christo: 1935-2020 Nouveau réalisme, Contemporary art, Environmental art

A. Lawrence Kocher: American Architect.

Edward Curtis: 1868-1952 American Photography

Richard Diebenkorn: 1922-1993 American Color field, Contemporary art, Abstract expressionism

Aaron Douglas: 1899-1979 American Artist, Harlem Renaissance, African-American Art, Social Realism

Mitchell/Giurgola architects:

Jens Jensen: 1860-1951 Danish-American landscape architect

John M. Johansen: 1916-2012 American Architect. Member of the Harvard Five.

Stanhope Johnson: 1898-1966 American Architect, Lynchburg, VA-based

E. Fay Jones: 1921-2004 American Architect (Frank Lloyd Wright student)

Frida Kahlo: 1907-1954 Naïve art, Modern art, Surrealism, Magical Realism, Symbolism, Primitivism, Naturalism, Social realism, Cubism

Albert Khan: 1869-1942. American industrial architecture (particularly Detroit)

Louis Khan: 1901-1974 American architecture, design critic and professor of architecture at Yale School of Architecture

Alex Katz: 1927- present. American Nouveau réalisme, Pop art, Figurative art

Tai Soo Kim: American architect.

Joseph Koberling: 1900-1990. Hungarian-American architect

A. Lawrence Kocher: 1885-1969. American architect

Pierre Koenig: 1925-2004 American architect and a Professor of Architecture at the University of Southern California

Jacob Lawrence: 1917-2000 Cubism, Social Realism, Harlem Renaissance, African-American Art

William Lescaze: 1896-1969 Swiss-born American architect, city planner and industrial designer

Roy Lichtenstein: 1923-1997 Pop art, Abstract art, Cubism, Expressionism, Contemporary art, Modern art, Abstract expressionism

Raymond Loewy: 1893-1986 French-born American industrial designer 

Alice Neel: 1900-1984 American Painting, Expressionism

Nicholas Nixon: 1947- American photographer, portraiture and documentary photography

Chris Ofili: 1968- present. British Turner Prize-winning painter. Neo-expressionism, Contemporary art, Young British Artists

Claus Oldenburg: 1929- present. Swedish-born American sculptor, public art installations 

Adrian Piper : 1948- present. American Performance Art, Conceptual Art

Martin Puryear: 1941- present. Sculpture, Earthworks

Lee Simonson: 1888-1967 American architect painter, stage setting designer.

Alfred Stieglitz: 1864-1946 Photography, Social realism, American modernism, Modern art

Rufino Tamayo: 1899-1991 Mexican Art, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Modernism

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